Hi everyone!

I know an update is way over due! We have been swamped with what had to be accomplished by Saturday April 30th! But I am going to recap everything that we were up to the last 4 days below. Which is quite  incredible ( if I do say so myself 🙂 ).

So after the interior waffle was complete (sunday night – monday morning ish) the shear exterior plywood was ready. While the plywood was being installed to the steel frame on monday and tuesday, the counter was in the final stages of design and the steel was sent off to get water jetted on monday and the plywood frame sent to be cut on the CNC mill. The exterior Alpolic was cut tuesday, in order for that to happen we had to verify on site measurements after the plywood was attached. Scarily enough we had 4 days left and the exterior Alpolic and the counter wasn’t even done! Everything seemed to be going pretty smooth though, no major hiccups. Wednesday, the counter plywood ribs were being assembled and the exterior Alpolic was getting applied. Thursday, the counter was close to done and the steel was clamped on to the frame at night. Friday comes around and the Exterior alpolic was finished and the aluminium strips were applied to the edges that were exposed ( detail picture of that below!). The counter was put in friday afternoon with the help of 9 people, which took an incredible amount of communication and patience. We HAD to have the whole thing finished friday night at 9:30! And we also had to pin up all of the process work and final boards for our final review. While we were ready to move it into the nave we still left the Alpolic stickers on the exterior while moving it in so the big reveal was very exciting in the empty nave! We had to clean it and make sure everything was ready to go for saturday!! We did it!

Ok on to the final review. It was one of the best final reviews I have ever had, and I think majority if not all of Rapid type will agree. We communicated extremely well throughout the whole process. It was rare a group this big ( 15 people ) could communicate so well, which was one of the main comments from the jurors. The amount of  hard work and pure hours that this whole studio had put in to this project was clearly seen and appreciated. We had great reviewers on our panel that were very excited about how much pasion we had. A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who donated, bought waffles, and encouraged us. We are hoping that it stays at CCA and will be used for events in the future! Cross your fingers!

-Thank you all from Rapid type.