Branding on Alpolic and pre-fab units made out of Alpolic can be pursuit in two categories:
Residential Add-ons, Focusing on Alpolic benefits for home owners and even tenants pre-fab models can rapidly shape/add a new form of living space for it’s users. Relying on durability, mobility, cost efficiency, and other unique characteristic of Alpolic, this material it can be a right replacement of traditional construction materials for any residential additions or renovations.

Mobile-Commercial, based on rent rates in big cities such as S.F and mobile technology available in these areas, which virtually allows any place to be used for business, a mobile unit that have all office needs in one place can be a successful model to brings mobility, modernity, and efficiency together. Business model for this type of units can be based on low price for units and focus on financial benefit from after sales services, such as customizing, add-ons, lease, …