What is Rapid type?

Rapid type is a design/build studio based on a grant from Mitsubishi to explore potential design uses and assembly techniques that are specific to using Alpolic. Research in marketing and deployment strategies of prefabricated architecture guided our approach to develop a semi-mobile food service unit as a means to test the limits of Alpolic.

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So, to pay the $2 per square foot, you have to set your prices at X price in order to do that

They will look to see if there are any loans on the books that do not meet the guidelines for lending such as writing uncollateralized advances is usually considered an offense. Keep notes on these people so you can partner with them move forward when they are ready to take action. I covered that I...

Bob asks his brother, How much did you pay for the truck? Fred says I paid $27,550 for it

If you have between 5% 20% to put down, you should still be OK for now. The account is turned over for collection and you cannot figure out why you have two accounts with virtually the same amount. Lets just say that out of three hundred million people, everyday over one million credit reports are...