What is Rapid type?

Rapid type is a design/build studio based on a grant from Mitsubishi to explore potential design uses and assembly techniques that are specific to using Alpolic. Research in marketing and deployment strategies of prefabricated architecture guided our approach to develop a semi-mobile food service unit as a means to test the limits of Alpolic.

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What percentage of the loans is commercial and what percentage given to individuals? How many lenders are there (risk diversification is inversely proportional to exposure to single borrowers)? How many of the transactions are with related parties ? How much is in local currency and how much in foreign currencies (and in which)? A large exposure to foreign currency lending is not necessarily healthy

You must connect with people before either party decides to work with the other. The court is there to enable the island jurisdiction to function as an independent governing state. Borrowers default on their obligations. The statements will look inflated and even reflect profits where heavy losses were incurred. These are the line of credit...

The creditors can and do sell pools (or groups) of great debts to a third party agency

Even the best companies and friendliest line of credit officers shall expected to be paid, after all. Well, the collection agency simply puts their in house account 10 on it and that is what they report. The initial interest rates almost always go up almost always, for that matter, by double digit leaps and sometimes...